The Milan trip!

So I am back from our trip to Milan and it was AWESOME!

We jumped on a plane to celebrate my 30sexy birthday and get a little vacation.


Milan has a warm place in my and my love's heart and I always enjoy my time there. This the visit was glorified by the presence of my wonderful friends Mummel and Linnea.


Here is a small summary of some of the things we did.




Soo.... we had a nice 5 day weekend at a nice hotel and mostly enjoyed the wonders of Milan... and food.... we enjoyed the food.... all the fooood!!!! The glorious food. I already miss it! Pizza, gelato (ice cream), pastries and cappuccino…. *dreaming away*


Not everything went smoothly. Turbulence, ants, taxes, sickness and us almost walking Mummel and Linnea to death. But we still had a wonderful time a little celebration of my 30sexy birthday and us girls going to the Block B concert (review coming soon. Hopefully). We went to all our favorite places, but the Ferrari store was closed! NoOOooOOo..!


But anyhow… I am very happy with this trip!


All the love!