Pepero-day 11/11

Did you miss Pepero-day? 
It is celebrated the 11 November = 11/11 which basically looks like a bunch of peperos. But it is not a day celebrated here in Sweden so I tried to make the best out of the situation.
I had a bunch of peperos at home so all I had to do was to fins someone to play the pepero game with me. The pepero game bascially is a game where two people nibble on each end of a pepero untill there is the tiniest piece of pepero left as possible, this often results in near kisses or if you like the person a stolen kiss. 
So check out the clip below to see how my pepero day went..

Tasting: Septemberbox

This fall has been very buzy and I haven't had time to do everything I wish I should have. For example I have missed posting many of my tasting clips here on the blogg, sorry :(
So here comes a spam of my last tastings of the septemberbox!