Tasting: Couque D'asse

Another tasting, this time I try Couque D'asse. Yes, that's the name. It cracked me up. Mostly because of the way my bad french made me pronunce it...  
Did I like Couque D'asse? Do I want more Couque D'asse?
Well anyway, if you want to know how it tasted you have to watch the video moahahaha!

Tasting: My Gummy - cewey natural rich grape flavoured jelly

Time to share another tasting of my k-snack box.
This was my favorite snack so far! This was the perfect grape flavour that is so hard to find here is Sweden. The consistency was so nice and everthing was heavenly.
Unfortunatly it didn't last and the enitre bag of jellies are long gone.
Watch the video here!

Tasting 2: Saltine crackers

Next up for tasting is Crowns saltine crackers.
Check out the video below!