Tasting with Tina

Once again I have been visiting my friend Tinas youtube channel. One of her awesome subscribers sent her a bag of american candies we just had to try out and I am kind of an expert at tastings, right?  ;)
In the bag was also a box of Bean Boozled so I got another chance of playing that torturous game, haha!
Check out the clip below!

Friendventure with my dear Mummel

 When my lovely friend Mummel (not her real name) came to visit me I challenged her to a bean boozled eating competition. She accepted and we were real excited!

 The slowly faded away and a feeling of horror and a foreboding feeling of nausea came over us.

 But neither me nor Mummel are people to chicken out so please enjoy part 1 of our friendventures!


PS. Mummel is Swedish for mumbling, haha!  

Massa the Cat

My oldest cat and my sweetheart diva is Massa. She is getting quite old now and mostly sleeps the days away in my bed.
She also likes being outside, especially when we make her company. Then she runs around like a kitten climbing trees, hiding in the grass and chasing us!
Though she is a very, and I mean VERY, stubborn cat we still love her. I admit she brings out the worst cat in me and we often hiss, bite and growl at eachother, but it the end she is the best hugging cat I'ver ever met <3