Boendegi (silkwork pupa) with Tina

Hey guys! 
Here comes a fun clip I did together with Tina for
I got a can of boendegi from mt brother for my birthday last year and I just had to share the first time I tried it with everyone! I think I might not have done it in the right way, but at least we make a lot of funny faces, haha!
Have you ever tried this? What did you think?
Do you have a good way you eat it, because I would totally try again it I only knew what to do with it!
PS. We speak Swedish, but there are English subtitles. Enjoy!

Kajsa & Rebecca

Here is a clip from the channel i resently started with my dear friend Kajsa. We explore the world around us and let you take part in our adventures.

In this clip we try some cheap Indian snacks we found at LIDL and introduce you to Kajsas kitchen!